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Moolec, Science in alternative proteins
Moolec, Science in alternative proteins

We are Moolec Science

A science-based ingredient company producing real animal proteins in plants through Molecular Farming, a disruptive technology in the alternative protein landscape.

Molecular Farming

Moolec´s Technology
Moolec, Science in alternative proteins Moolec, Science in alternative proteins Moolec, Science in alternative proteins

Our purpose

To upgrade taste, nutrition, and affordability of alternative protein products while building a more sustainable and equitable food system.

Moolec, Science in alternative proteins
Moolec, Science in alternative proteins
Moolec, Science in alternative proteins

Selected Molecules

Moolec's technology allows us to include animal proteins’ gene DNA codes inside the genome of the main plants used in food. Each protein is selected to add value in terms of targeted functionality like taste, texture, and nutritional values.

Moolec, Science in alternative proteins

Plants as bioreactors

Moolec's approach is cost-effective and environmentally friendly by consuming fewer resources through biology. Our plants work as small factories producing animal proteins with sun and water, including farmers as key participants in our value chain.

Moolec, Science in alternative proteins

Selfsame value chain

Moolec’s disruption happens by developing new seeds but the value chain stays unchanged. We grow crops keeping original plant proteins including animal ones. We scale by using traditional farming techniques and we recover both, together, through traditional downstream processes.

A little bit
of history

Genetic modification of crops has been done ever since the beginning of farming. In early settlements, small farming communities understood they could re-seed the plants that had the most desirable properties. This gradually evolved into selective breeding of crops. This crop breeding is a form of opportune genetic modulation.


GM-food-products are among the most tested products in history. The process must include strict evaluations on potential risks to humans, livestock, and the environment.

So, why not use biotechnology to make sustainlable food?
Moolec’s products are based on the genetic engineering of plants to include animal genetic information in order to enable them to produce proteins the way animals do.

Simple. Just science.

Moolec proof of concept

From farm
to fork

Moolec's innovation and traceability starts at the beginning of the food ingredients value chain

Moolec regulatory approvals


Pioneers in achieving approvals and industrial scale for a Molecular Farming product in food

Moolec registered products

IP Strategy

Growing international patent portfolio for Molecular Farming products

Moolec, Science in alternative proteins Moolec, Science in alternative proteins Moolec, Science in alternative proteins Moolec, Science in alternative proteins
Moolec, Science in alternative proteins


our team
Gastón Paladini, MBA Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder 20+ years in marketing and the traditional food industry as a Director of Paladini Group, one of the largest meat production players in Argentina.
Henk Hoogenkamp, Ph.D Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder 15 years in food and bio-materials applications with special focus on animal and plant-based proteins.
Amit Dhingra, Ph.D Chief Science Officer 20+ years in genomics and plant biotechnology. Prof. and Head, Department of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A&M University. 10+ years of corporate leadership.
José López Lecube, MBA Chief Financial Officer 15 years in strategic roles for multinational companies in agribusiness and tech with expertise in finance, strategy, and partnerships.
Martín Salinas, Ph.D Chief of Technology & Co-Founder 15+ years in engineering and Ag-biotech space leading the world’s first industrial production of animal protein in plants for the food industry.
Catalina Jones, B.A. Chief of Staff & Sustainability 10+ years in communications, accountability, and sustainability management for financial, agribusiness, packaging, and food industry.
Martín Taraciuk Investor Relations 8+ years in investor relations roles for public listed companies in real estate, agribusiness and energy, capital market transactions, finance, M&A, valuations, and corporate finance.
David Heron, Ph.D Regulatory Affairs Manager 30+ years in the biotechnology regulatory program of USDA-APHIS focused on policy development, training, public communication, and capacity building in agricultural biotechnology.
Bruce Williamson, Ph.D Sr. Plant Biologist 10+ years of research experience and a strong background in molecular plant sciences, plant breeding, and biotechnology.
Vivek Narisetty, Ph.D Sr. Molecular Biologist 7+ years in process development for value-added chemicals, strain and media engineering, bioreactor scale-up and downstream processing.

Our Partner

We are a spin off from Bioceres Group (private entity) and a partner of Bioceres Crop Solutions (NASDAQ:BIOX), a fully integrated provider of crop productivity solutions enabling the transition to a Carbon Neutral Agriculture.

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Moolec, Science in alternative proteins

Moolec operates in the United States, Europe and South America.

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